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We know that trust in the people you hire is most important. With FilmYeti members - you are in good hands. They've won Emmy®, Gemini, Leo and other awards, and have worked with the biggest brands out there.

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Hiring talented professionals should be easy.

Whatever it is you're filming - you need great people. FilmYeti acts as your own personal talent scout.

Click "Find Crew" to tell us who you need to hire. We will find 2 great matches for each position, usually within 24 hours.

Finding freelance jobs in film doesn't have to suck.

Let's just all agree that job boards are bad for the soul. FilmYeti will try to learn about what you do, and are good at.

It will ask you simple questions about your skillset and rates, and will start using that information to find you paying gigs.

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About us.

What if finding your rockstar film crew was... easy?

What if looking for your next gig involved... well, not looking at all?

FilmYeti uses location data, skill matching, and a range of daily rates to find exactly the right crew for your project. We do not accept unpaid projects and usually find someone within 24 hours of project creation.

If you're a freelancer, FilmYeti uses the same info to get you hired on local productions. No job boards. Nothing to log into. We believe that you have more important work to do!

FilmYeti is being built by the humans behind Magyon.